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Building a social infrastructure not just physical infrastructure

Smita Ram
Jul 08

In this edition of Impact Leaders, I caught up with Sandhya from Community Design Agency. and  Hanif from Snehalay to talk with them about the incredible community housing project they are working on and about our partnership with them on this. The more I hear about the project the more inspired I feel. In this candid chat, we not only speak about the project but go into the back story of how it all started, the community, their lives and culture, the challenges that had to be overcome to get this project off the ground. We also speak about the multifold challenges the community is facing due to the Covid 19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. 

Watch the full interview here: 

The Sanjaynagar Redevelopment project is being implemented by Snehalaya and Community Design Agency, in partnership with the Ahmednagar Municipal Corporation and the residents of Sanjaynagar. The project is funded in part by the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana- Housing for All scheme of the Government of India. The housing finance being provided by Rang De will be used by homeowners to put in their contribution towards the construction of their homes. Philanthropic contributions are also being sought to meet the funding gap. 

Snehalaya has been working with a cluster of slums, in Ahmednagar district Maharashtra. Over the last 30 years, they have crafted deep interventions across healthcare, education, and rehabilitation to uplift the community and ensure a life free from inequality, cruelty, and discrimination. They are now undertaking an ambitious and aspirational redevelopment project to breathe beauty and dignity into Sanjaynagar, one of the 22 slums in Ahmednagar. 

The 298 dwelling units being built are organized in G+2 buildings. To provide ample living spaces, both indoor and outdoor, and to retain the social fabric of the slum, the buildings are organized around eight courtyards of varying sizes. This is to retain the essence of the communal spaces that had evolved in the single-storied slum plan into the multi-storey buildings. The varying scales of the courtyards will allow for diverse use of these spaces.

Rang De is extremely grateful to be a partner in this inspiring project.

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