Interest Free Loans for Farmers

Interest free loans for farmers

Support farmers in distress tide over the COVID-19 crisis.
Smita Ram
Mar 18

COVID-19 has definitely thrown us all off guard. Each of us has experienced the impact of it. Cancelled holidays, exams, travel, conferences and what not. None of us, however, will experience the impact of it like our small and marginal farmers in Yavatmal. If you are wondering why please continue to read.

The Context

It’s just been a couple of days since we signed up with our latest partner Gramhal – an organisation working with small and marginal farmers in Yavatmal. We were all so excited about this partnership. It gave us the opportunity to provide credit in real time to farmers, to wait for a better price to sell their grains. We never expected COVID-19 to get ahead of us and reach Yavatmal before your social investments could.

Shot in the markers of Yavatmal where farmers are often forced to sell their produce at significant losses.

The Problem

Amidst all the fear of getting infected, perhaps even deadlier, is the fear of falling food grain prices. One of the primary crops grown by the farmers of Yavatmal is soya bean which is then sold to factories that produce chicken feed. Fear of COVID-19 has brought down the consumption of chicken which has adversely affected the purchase of the bean and thereby its prices. 

Distress Calls

Our partner Gramhal has been receiving distress calls from the farmers requesting them to sell their grains, lest the prices would fall further. Gramhal was started with a mission to ensure farmers are protected from distress due to variation in prices. COVID-19 seems to have presented the very situation that Gramhal had set out to fight. 

Farmers deposit their grains in the Gramhal warehouse in Yavatmal until the market price is favourable.

The Solution

The team at Gramhal are not the ones to give up so easily. They reached out to us to quickly discuss ways to address this situation effectively. And we have now jointly decided to provide interest free credit to help farmers tide over the crisis.

Key Features of the Interest Free Loans

  • Interest Rate: 0%
  • Loan tenures: 1 week – 6 months.
  • Repayment mode: 1 bullet repayment.

How you can get involved

Pledge your support to the farmers of Yavatmal to help them tide over this challenging time. The amount you commit will be disbursed to farmers as and when they require it, over the next month.

COVID-19 has really challenged our resilience. Gramhal and Rang De are both committed to taking this challenge up for the small and marginal farmers of Yavatmal. And we would love to have your support. 

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