Impact dialogues bring our social investors together.

Impact Dialogues : Real stories during unreal times

Leslin K Seemon
May 05

Real accounts of Impact Driven Investments

Impact dialogues connecting communities across India

Impact Dialogues is our effort to bridge the gap between Social Investors and Investees. It was evident when Rang De social investors were keen to interact with the community to understand their world and its challenges. Be it financial well being, access to community services,  providing agri-tech interventions, enabling organic farming, our social investors wanted to play a decisive role for the community.

An account shared by one of our investee, Narasimha Murthy from Karnataka was, particularly, touching.

Stories of change by the borrowers shows the impact generated through social investing.

It made one of our social investors realize how a small amount when invested with Rang De, can make a huge impact in the lives of those who really need it.

 Impact Dialogues bring forward the value of social investing.
A testimonial from one of our social investor

The pandemic has made a huge shift in the way we perceive life. It had made us come together in solidarity and help each other out. The community has strengthened ever more under the weight of uncertainty and is resilient enough to know that they will make it through.

Every session of Impact Dialogue results in a meaningful exchange between Social investors and investees with best interests for each other. It empowers the belief in fellow Indians and brings forward opportunities for all those who want to do more for society.

For the 4th session of the Impact Dialogues, we had Vrutti, our Impact partner working with a vision to enhance people’s well-being through knowledge, innovation and transformative actions.

Vrutti strongly believes that sustainable livelihood approaches, if designed and delivered well, has the huge potential to bring transformative change among women, small producers and marginalised communities.

Balakrishna, CEO at Vrutti joined the conversation and emphasized how Vrutti worked with the community during the pandemic and ensured their well being and economic safety.

He added, Vrutti works with multiple target communities, one of their flagship programs – 3 Fold is about building wealthy, resilient and responsible farmers – making them successful entrepreneurs, sustained job creators, and having their income increased by 3 times. 3Fold strongly believes in the entrepreneurship orientation and potential of the farmers and nudging the same to achieve the impact.

Here’s a detailed narrative shared by Balakrishna about different livelihood initiatives by Vrutti

Balakrishna, CEO at Vrutti

Social investing has the power to restore faith in humanity. With every rupee invested, one chooses to believe in the potential of a fellow Indian.That’s the biggest support one can provide, while the world walks on a tightrope.

Now you can be a part of these conversations too.
To join our next session of Impact Dialogues leave a comment below or follow our social media channels and we will make sure to loop you in.

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