Reinventing a platform for a perpetual mission

RangDe.in - a new platform serving the same old purpose.
Dana Jose
Nov 14

From Rang De’s beginnings in 2008, until the big transition in 2017,  the Rang De team worked relentlessly with a single-minded focus on lowering the cost of credit to the end borrower. Our mandate was simple – make credit affordable and accessible to millions of financially excluded individuals. We learned lessons from the many roadblocks we faced and built robust systems to ensure that the end borrower received low-cost credit. We managed to scale our impact and reach underserved communities in 18 states across India through critical partnerships, without compromising on our mission.

Rang De was launched in 2008 to make credit accessible to the millions of credit-starved individuals across India.

In October 2017, the Reserve Bank of India regulated the peer to peer lending sector in India. It was a welcome move but came with its challenges. For starters, Rang De, which was operating as a public charitable trust, had to transition into a Pvt. limited company. Our founders Ram, Smita, and our team were ready to ride this wave of change under one condition:  there would be no compromise to Rang De’s true mission. 

On 1st September 2019, we launched our brand new RBI regulated peer to peer lending platform, and are proud to share that we’re back with renewed drive and with the same uncompromising mission.

Rang De will always continue on the mission to close the gap to financial inclusion in India.

Our age-old promise:

  1. Low interest rates – Our investees are paying the lowest interest rates (the same rates as on RangDe.org).
  2. Curated – Our investees continue to be curated by our credible network of impact partners.
  3. Complete transparency – You, our social investors, will always be updated on the progress of the people you invest in.

We are reinvigorated and driven to rapidly accelerate access to low-cost credit in our new avatar.

What’s new:

  1. RBI regulated – We are now an RBI regulated NBFC P2P, which mandates requirements like needing to collect KYC of all our social investors.
  2. Self-sustained – Since we are no longer a charitable trust, we cannot access grant funding and now rely on a membership model to sustain ourselves and expand our reach.
  3. Our mindset – We are determined to radically improve your social investing experience through our new platform, and this required an absolute shift in mindset.

Rang De’s mission is the heartbeat of our new platform. We’re back with renewed energy and drive, determined to further accelerate access to low-cost credit for the underserved in India.

Explore our community of investees and start social investing.

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