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Rural India back on its feet

Leslin K Seemon
Aug 16

The last year has been evidently devastating for the rural communities of the country. With the infrastructure collapsing largely, rural India held on with ad-hoc facilities.

This brings forward a grave concern in addressing their needs. It is imperative that we gauge the extent of the threat rural people face, and address it not just adequately but along all axes of concern.

Mainly the efforts being made are taken stock by authorities who put the diverse sect of people all under the word ‘rural’. Likely how the west regarded us as the ‘Land of snake charmers’. These governing bodies have often lamented and legislated on their fate, counted on their losses, and decided on their behalf. Nobody asked rural India what it needed. For that, it needs intervention at the micro-level.

Our Impact Partner, Action For Social Advancement (ASA) has been working to build a foundation at the heart of this problem. They have been establishing community-level organizations to discern the varied challenges people face. Not looking at them as data points and plotting them against a graph to come up with a rather ‘wholesome scheme’. Instead solving myriads of structural inadequacies and dearth of empathetic mediation.

We at Rang De have been proud to be partnered with them. Since the last year, we have disbursed 65+ Lakhs as social investment enabling over 175 investees across Madhya Pradesh.

ASA works with self-help groups (SHGs), Users’ groups, Farmer Producer Organizations which form the bedrock of all their programs. They facilitate different activities spanning from savings and access to credit to livelihoods to other development activities. Acknowledging and building on the central role of women in bringing about development in their community.

Rang De Social Investments with the help of ASA on-ground expertise has reversed the position of rural people being marginalized to one that facilitates their evolution in confident individuals taking on greater roles within the society.

A farmer in Patpura village, Madya Pradesh under the care of ASA.

Gorabai Nanda speaks for herself and showcases that the challenges of rural people are not enigmatic, they just need contextual solutions. Your Social investments mitigate part and parcel of their problems and gradually leads them to a journey of being independent.

Rang De works with 25+ Impact Partners who ensure that the vital gap is filled thus bringing value to the investment made.

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