Social Investing is changing the lives of entrepreneurs in Nagaland

Smita Ram
Sep 06

In this episode of Impact Leaders, I caught up with Neichute Doulo, the Founder and CEO of Entrepreneurs Associates, Nagaland. 

It has been our endeavor to bring our impact partners a little closer to you through these interviews. We talk not only about the Rang De partnership but also speak about the communities and the work the partners are doing. 

The story of Entrepreneurs Associate is one of relentless determination and it never fails to inspire us. As I am above to start the conversation, I can’t help but think of my maiden trip to Nagaland with my colleague Sanjana. To my mind, that was one of the safest and most inspiring field trips we have had. And I am happy to share that we could talk about some of those unique stories and relive some of those experiences through this interview.

The seed of Entrepreneurs Associates was sown much before the organization was launched in 2000. The organization was formed with the aim to foster entrepreneurship in the state of Nagaland. 

Nagaland has not seen much industrial development and Neichute tells us that white-collar Government jobs are the only source of employment. Trying to break away from that mindset and encouraging youth to start entrepreneurship has been a challenge. It has been a challenge to change people’s attitudes towards entrepreneurship. 

Neichute talks about his own journey of selling newspaper door to door and ice cream in the beginning. EA has had a successful run in the state and has managed to inspire and support many local entrepreneurs and continues to grow and get more and more youth to join the bandwagon of entrepreneurship. He talks about the need for credit and how credit can change destinies. 

Tune in to this conversation to understand what EA has been doing over the years and how your social investment has played a key role in supporting the micro-entrepreneurs of Nagaland. 

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