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Vouch for your everyday hero this Wednesday

Here's how you can be a part of the #MYEVERYDAYHERO campaign.
Chandni Sawlani
Nov 23

We’ve just launched what we think could be a groundbreaking feature called The Influencer Project at Rang De. Through this feature, anyone, anywhere in India can refer someone they know and trust to receive a formal loan through Rang De’s platform and help the borrower build a credit history.

We’re so excited about the potential of this project, not only to drive financial inclusion in India but also to inspire empathy and human connection. And, the early stories have been very encouraging!

Read our blog about The Influencer Project’s first investee, Mr Ashok Kumar. 

We’re launching a social media campaign on Wednesday, 27th November to spread the word about the project and would love for you to join the campaign and help get the word out. To participate in the #MyEverydayHero campaign, all you have to do is share a picture of someone you would be happy to support through The Influencer Project and tell us a little a bit about them. 

What do I need to do?

  1. Click a picture of your everyday hero
  2. Share this picture on your preferred social media channel with a couple of lines about how you know this person and why you would be happy to support them
  3. Link to
  4. Tag Rang De’s social media channels
  5. Use the hashtags #MyEverydayHero and #RangDe in your posts

Who qualifies as an everyday hero for this campaign?

  • Someone you know, trust and interact with regularly.
  • Someone who comes from a low-income background and cannot access credit from banks.
  • This person need not require a loan now or in the future. The idea is to just share that if they ever did require a loan, you would be willing to vouch for them.

Rang De social media handles:

You can also refer to this campaign kit to find samples of posts and the content you can share. Feel free to drop an email to if you have any questions or for any further information.

Thank you for participating in this movement to influence change with Rang De.

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